Bring your centre to life with Mall Audio!

Mall Audio's music and advertising service plays in more than 50 shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. We are the only Trans-Tasman company specialising in this service on this scale, we are experts in what we do.

What can we do for you?

Music in a retail environment is so often overlooked and we are passionate about delivering a quality service that makes a palpable difference to your customers, creates the 'feel good' factor in your shopping centre or retail store, and encourages your customers to spend.

We are exceptionally proud of the mixes we tailor for you and put a lot of thought and effort into considering the appropriate music for each environment our service is in. At Mall Audio we offer many more features than a basic music provider, for a very similar price. We provide the ability to focus different types of music at specific times of day to appeal to certain demographics, and seasonal music like Christmas, Valentines, St Pats and Anzac. To find out more about the music we offer please look on our music page.

Advertising is the other primary area that sets us apart, advertising that reaches your and your retailers’ customers at point of sale. We have professional writers, producers and voice talent to make sure that your adverts are of the highest quality. If you have already got radio adverts you can maximise their effect by also playing them in the centre.

As a shopping centre and as part of our standard service, all centre management promotions and service announcements are included at no extra charge. Also included in this service, and so every retailer in the centre can have a presence on the Mall Audio music and advertising system, we offer them a free 10-second brand advert which plays all year round. Should retailers be interested in more advertising, there is an additional small charge for creation and placement. To find out more about the adverts we provide, please look on our advertisement page.

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