Mall Audio provides a boutique music and advertising service, specialising in shopping centres and in-store environments throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The sound within shopping centres and stores is one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools in the shopping experience. Happy people spend more, so don’t overlook the enormous impact sound has been proven to have on mood and spending. If a store looks great, we believe it should sound great too, since happy people spend more!

With more than 22 years of experience, we are the specialists when it comes to tailoring a music mix that will appeal to your demographic and enhance your customers’ shopping experience!

Combine this with the ability to have your centre announcements and promotions delivered by professional, commercial voices, and the ability for your retailers to promote their products and you have a winning combination, as our many customers can attest to.

Think of Mall Audio as a personalised radio station for your centre, playing the music and advertisements you want and nothing you don’t. The ability to have not only a tailored music service but to have only your and your retailers’ advertisements playing is an exceptional offering and set at a price which makes it competitive with music services that provide far less.

Mall Audio is the complete audio package for your centre, talk to us today!

People shopping in a mall